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Generator Solutions

When power-outages occur, whole-house or portable generators allow you the option to preserve those specific electrical needs that keep your home/business functioning. But having a automatic standby generator will provide the greatest peace-of-mind for your immediate family or business. Many homeowners only desire a portable generator with a manual transfer switch for their needs. Whatever your decision is, we can provide the appropriate generator solution to match your specific needs ( be they medical reasons, an area with frequent outages, lost business when working from home, general security needs, etc.) we can provide and install any make of generator. Family Electric is an Authorized Generac Generator Select dealer providing full generator service from installation to maintenance. This allows us to meet your needs with America's #1 generator manufacturer.

When considering a generator installation, remember that every install is different. Considerations that need addressing are location of generator, location of electrical panel, location of gas source, location of doors and windows, distance from generator to panel and fuel source, the size of the gas piping to name only a few. Every install is unique.

We will service you with dedicated Generac trained installation and service personnel.

Services include:

  • Manual transfer generator sub-panel
  • Automatic transfer generator sub-panel
  • Automatic whole-home generator transfer switch
  • Maintenance services
  • Turn-key generator installations
  • Warranty Services

Financing may be available upon request